The Dutchess Debs’ Philosopy

The club is not just about teaching softball skills, although that is an important part. It is also about building character and learning to do things the right way.

Within the game itself, the girls work, learn & gain self-esteem. They are taught to strive not merely to win but also to develop winning attitudes–both on the field and in life.

Dedication and development is the Debs way, and success on the playing field goes hand-in-hand with the student athlete tradition that has characterized Debs softball from the beginning. All instruction is based on positive reinforcement. The aim is always to build self confidence.


The Collegiate Student Athlete and the Dutchess Debs Commitment to Excellence

The Dutchess Debs organization, coaches, players, and parents work hard to help all players reach their potential. As the players reach the 16u and 18u level these efforts include doing everything possible to help the players that aspire to play in college get that opportunity. By playing in many of the best showcase tournaments on the east coast, through our relationships with college coaches, the hard work of our players, and the sacrifices of some terrific parents, countless players have gone on to play NCAA Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA and CC collegiate softball, and earn college degrees. Many of our players are listed in our Debs in College section.

Our coaches will help players make skills videos, contact coaches, write letters of recommendation, and develop profiles that point to players strengths. Throughout this process it is important for everyone to stay focused on the academics because in the end the most important thing is for the student athlete to earn a degree and do it in an environment that makes them happy and secure as a person. Good grades and solid test scores will give them many more options in the recruiting process.


Dutchess Debs History

The name “Deb” is short for Debutante. Webster’s Dictionary defines debutante as a young woman who is making her formal entrance into society. Therefore, a Dutchess Deb is a young woman who makes her formal entrance into fastpitch softball society!


baseball glove1

Early Days of Dutchess Debs

Clif Ong founded the Dutchess Debs in 1981. His principles and philosophy of excellence, dedication, determination and team performance still carry over to today’s Deb’s teams.


Dutchess Debs Today

The Debs Organization has grown from a single 19 and Under team to teams covering 23U, 18+, 18U, 16U, 14U, 12 U and 10U. Our success and reputation are a credit to Clif and all the other early volunteers. Countless Debs players have moved on to the next step to play competitively at the college and older club levels.

Debs’ Alumni

The history of the Dutchess Debs organization is rich with stories of camaraderie,
friendship, and teamwork. Our traditions and philosophies are handed down from one generation of Debs to the next, and we deeply cherish and proudly celebrate our lineage of great ball players and inspiring leaders.